TrendSent - Mache mehr aus deiner Social Media Reichweite!
TrendSent - Mache mehr aus deiner Social Media Reichweite!
Monday 31. July 2017 - 15:48
Nervst du deine Reichweite noch - oder verdienst du schon?

Es gibt bessere Wege, als deine Reichweite mit nervigen Links zu versorgen.
Verdiene Geld mit Internetlinks, die deine Zielgruppe ansprechen und zusätzlich mit spitzen TKP–Werten ausgestattet sind (bis zu 19 € TKP).
Durch die spitzen TKPs und den zielgerechten Inhalten, kannst du den bestmöglichen Gewinn aus deiner Reichweite holen.

LKG-Soft in Kooperation mit HRB haben für euch eine Plattform kreiert, um mit Internetlinks Geld zu verdienen.

Wieso TrendSent?
TrendSent verbindet zugeschnittene Inhalte auf deine Zielgruppen mit spitzen Vergütungen.
Damit klicken nicht nur viele auf deine Links - sondern du bekommst auch eine hohe Vergütung für deine Klicks.

Top Auszahlung
Eigene Inhalte
Andere Inhalte aussuchen
Verdiene zusätzlich ohne Links zu teilen

Mehr Informationen findest du hier auf TrendSent.

- Euer LKG-Soft Team
Sign up for Arcaneblade BETA!
Sign up for Arcaneblade BETA!
Sunday 07. May 2017 - 20:36
Be one of the first who are testing out our new upcoming browser game Arcaneblade!

Visit the Arcanblade Website and save your spot in the Arcaneblade BETA!

- Your LKG-Soft Team
Developing start of ''Arcaneblade''!
Developing start of "Arcaneblade"!
Tuesday 14. February 2017 - 00:27
The free online strategy game Arcaneblade is set in a medieval universe, filled with war, trading and many political decisions. You are the ruler of your own kingdom you must defend against your enemies. Expand your kingdom, rally your armies, fortify your castle walls and lead your soldiers to glory!

Arcaneblade Logo I'm proud to announce the developing start of our upcoming fantasy browser online strategy game Arcaneblade!

We will keep you in touch with developing progress!
We estimate that the developing process will approximately take up to one year, but don't worry, we are working hard, to keep you informed about all the things that we are planing to create!

Stay tuned, soon it's your time to show the world of what you are made of!

- Your LKG-Soft Team
Dev Report - 12/02/2017
Dev Report - 12/02/2017
Monday 13. February 2017 - 02:17
Let me introduce the new "Dev Report".
From now on, we will keep you informed about all the developing progress we made over the last week with a short Dev Post.

- Your LKG-Soft Team
Live Reaction Counter
Live Reaction Counter
Monday 21. November 2016 - 07:52
The Live Reaction Counter for Facebook posts is there!

You want to make a live reaction poll as live stream?
Then create your own Live Reaction Counter now!

Go to the purchase pageTake a look at the guide.
Join LKG-Soft!
Join LKG-Soft!
Sunday 17. July 2016 - 05:34
You can join LKG-Soft by registering your account on the Sign In page!

You are wondering about your benefits?
  • Syncing all your settings of any LKG-Soft product across all computers and installations
  • Personalizing your LKG-Soft experience
  • Being able of purchasing premium products
  • Being able of using products that require an account
  • Using all the community features of LKG-Soft

Still don't have an account? Then register now!
It's pretty easy! You can use your existing Facebook or Google account or your email-address and a password to register!

- Your LKG-Soft Team
Sunday 17. July 2016 - 05:17
Welcome to LKG-Soft!
I'm proud to introduce you to the new LKG-Soft Developer's Blog!
Keep yourself always up-to-date with Posts about new and upcoming content by subscribing to this Blog. All you have to do is simply entering your email-address into the text box at the bottom of this (and all the other) page(s) and pressing the "Subscribe"-button.
Image:Subscription Box That's it! Never miss out an exciting Post!
- Your LKG-Soft Team